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Balanced Moisturising Complex (250g)

Complex is a rich cream that defines and smooths d..

RM37.40 Ex Tax: RM37.40

HC-2 Therapeutic Clay Mask (500ml)

HC 2 therapeutic hair mask is a treatment nask eni..

RM38.00 Ex Tax: RM38.00

Leave In Conditioner (250ml)

Leave in Conditioner is a non-greasy, all purpose ..

RM17.00 Ex Tax: RM17.00

Scalp Toner (250ml)

Protects and promotes hair from roots which has go..

RM39.00 Ex Tax: RM39.00

HC Play Memory Spray_420ml

HC Play Memory Spray_420ml is a hair spary that..

RM25.00 Ex Tax: RM25.00

HC Play Styling Foam_250ml

HC Play Styling Foam_250ml HC Play Styling Foam..

RM25.00 Ex Tax: RM25.00

HC Sculpting Mousse_250ml

HC Sculpting  Mousse_250ml is an all-aroun..

RM20.00 Ex Tax: RM20.00

HC-2 Smooth Operator_120g

For Damaged hair & Prevent Splits Ends Dire..

RM36.30 Ex Tax: RM36.30

Lynda Crystal Repair Liquid (120g)


RM19.50 Ex Tax: RM19.50

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