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anti-dandruff purifying shampoo_250ml


Purifies the scalp. The piroctone olamine and Climbazol help to prevent the formation of dandruff over time. Hydrates the hair and helps to prevent skin desquamation. ZINC PCA : regulates the skin's enzymatic system. SPRUCE : rich in lignans, spruce has been proven to be highly effective as an antimicrobial agent, with significant ..


exfoliant peeling_200ml


Normalises the cell renewal and eliminates excessive cells. Provides an effective keratolytic and anti-microbial action. The micro-spheres dissolve bt massaging gently, and release the trapped vitamins which act directly on the cutis. ZINC PCA : regulates the skin's enzymatic system. MICRO-SPHERES CONTAINING VITAMINS : ocontain a vast range o..

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