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energizing anti-loss shampoo_250ml


NATURE'S REMEDY FROM : VITACELL-TEC Vitacell-Tec is the result of the most advanced research from Vitality's laboratories. It penetrates the corneous layer of the scalp, to regenerate and stimulate the deep epithelial layers supporting the hair root. It helps to slow down follicle ageing and increases its vitality. Stimulates the root ..


energizing anti-loss treatment_8 phials x 7 ml


Strengthens the hair's structure, increasing its life cycle. The vegetable stem cells - Vitacell-Tec - nourish the hair and stimulate the root, encouraging the re-growth. CAPSICUM AND CAFFEINE : stimulate skin microcirculation. MENTHOL : refreshing. SALICYLIC ACID : improves cell renewal.   VITACELL-TEC  ..

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