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dermo-calming soothing shampoo_250ml


Delicately cleanses, decongesting the scalp. Soothes irritated cutis. Hydrates the skin. ALKYL GLUCOSIDE : a substance derived from the glucose (sugar) of dried coconut pulp, with gentle non-ionic surface acting cleansing properties, excellent biodegradability and highly compatible with the skin. POLYQUATERNIUM 10 : conditioning, d..


dermo-calming soothing treatment_100ml


Hydrates in-depth and restores the correct hydrolipidic balance. Soothes irritated scalps and irritation from atmospheric agents, stress or too aggressive treatments. ALLANTOIN : soothing and dermo-protective. VALINE-BETAINE : hydrates the skin and hair cuticle. Energizes and restores the skin's correct metabolism...

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