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Plentree Scalp SPA Shampoo_310ml


The PLENTREE Scalp Care Shampoo uses Soapwort Plant Extracts for sensitive and normal scalp to remove residue build up. Saponin found in Soapwort aids in keeping the scalp healthy and trouble free. Oligosaccharides, Minerals, Peptides, and Vitamins abundantly contained in Anagelin combined with Pleuropterus Multiflorus (Flower) and Herbs help ke..


Plentree Scalp SPA Tonic_120


The PLENTREE Scalp Spa Tonic is effective in the improvement of the scalp. Using Natural extracts form Anagelin, Ginseng, Mulberry and Oat Proteins, the scalp is exposed to high supplements of nutrient to retain the health of the scalp as well as helping hair to grow healthy and elastic. Wild Rosemary, Green Tea Extracts and Sage Extracts are us..

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